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Top 5 tips to buy online

“Shopping is my cardio” Carrie Cradshaw used to say to her friends when they were encouraging her to shop online.

By far more social, funny and exciting, brick-and-mortar stores seem to lose ground to the e-commerce in a sale contest. 

Being a mom with a full time job and running a full time business has drastically reduced my shopping time. On the other side the e-commerce has been developed so much in the passing decade and there are plenty of gorgeous online shops with infinitely bigger and better choices. 

But how to be sure that you're investment is worth? Maybe it doesn’t fit well or the colour is not exactly what you’ve seen in the picture…That bag is absolutely gorgeous but pretty expensive and you can see it only on a website…

If you ask yourself all those questions as well, here are a few tips that will help you to get more confidence when purchasing online. 

1. Use influencers for inspiration

    Social media is overloaded with Bloggers, Instagramers or Pinterest hunters.  Many of those personal style bloggers are pretty good and won’t risk their reputation featuring bad items. Find a few that identify with your style and use them as inspiration.

    2.  Know what fits you like

      Know before you start shopping online what fits you like, what makes you feel comfortable, which colours are working for you. Think also about what will you wear with and don’t buy something that you can’t mix in your wardrobe. 



      2. Check out the return policy

        Get prepared and read the return policy before you order. This is really important. Pay attention to free returns, how long you have until you need to send the product back (at least 14 days) or if there is a refunding fee.


         3. Research the materials

          Reading the labels to check the materials is a very useful habit wherever you’re shopping, not just in online. Try to avoid any materials you know that feels itchy, stuffy or uncomfortable. Go for natural fabrics even if they are more expensive. There is nothing worse than a piece of fabric that feels like sandpaper.


          5. Avoid scam sites

            If something is too good to be true than it probably is. Stick to brands you already know, where you bought before and you can trust the quality. Don’t forget that less is more and go for quality instead of rubbish cheap items. 


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            Where do we source our fibers

            Today the Cashmere goat is found across many parts of central Asia, but predominantly on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia in China stretching into the Gobi dessert. China is the largest producing area followed by Outer Mongolia; other countries of some significance include Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkistan. None of the latter produce the superfine luxurious fiber obtained from the goats of the Inner Mongolian grasslands, which is where all our cashmere is sourced. 

            Cashmere sweaters

            It is the very large swing of temperature in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia - from desperately cold winter nights (down to -20C), and very hot summer days (+35C) - which allows nature to provide fine insulation as protection against this harsh climate. 

            The annual "clip" is about 16000 Metric tonnes of cashmere and the goats are usually controlled by groups of nomadic herdsmen who collect the clip each year in the spring when the goats moult or shed their hair naturally as the temperature warms from the desperately cold winters and the climate changes into hot summer days. Sometimes the fibers are combed off the goat to assist in the process. Each goat will produce around 250 grams of fiber though not all of this is useable – only fibres from the beautifully downy undercoat, where the longest fibres lie, are selected before being spun into cashmere yarns. It takes the fibre of around 4 cashmere goats to produce enough yarn to knit a single cashmere sweater.

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